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Entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

I wrote my first book in 2003 and was published in the Spring of 2005 by a known publisher. I was extremely excited to finally have my ​words in print and so I celebrated the entire day. It was not long after that I realized nothing else was planned towards the success of my book. It just sat there collecting dust and so I decided to do something about it. That year I converted my book into an ongoing play that took the stage for four years and NOW I strive to give writers that same exciting experience.

Since then I earned my BA in Media and Communication from Fairleigh Dickinson University to create an engaging writers' platform.  My mission is to travel across the world to expose the most talented writers in hopes of them becoming successful. 

I also give a step by step training course in self publishing.  I assist in copy-writing, choosing a book cover, editing, choosing a publishing platform, and publicizing each writer's work by broadcasting on my YouTube Channel. In the near future I will also make available to all writers a conversion of  books to plays. 

"Know who you are and give yourself as a gift to the world"

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